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CHM Student Wins 2019 Lansing's Got Talent Competition

A big congrats to College of Human Medicine (CHM) student and incredible singer, Enrique Rodriguez-Fhon, on winning the Lansing's Got Talent Competition this last spring!

Having heard about the competition on social media, Enrique first had to get through the preliminary rounds before advancing to the finals. The competition was held over the course of several weeks and featured extremely talented musicians from all ages and backgrounds. Solo acts, duos, and full bands all performed for packed crowds at Reno's North Sports Bar and Grill. In a show of strong support for their classmate, fellow CHM students were among those in the audience.

With that in mind, Enrique gave the prelims his best shot with renditions of "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd and "Somebody to Love" by Queen. To his pleasant surprise, Enrique placed first on his night--those among the top in preliminary rounds were invited to the finals. His invitation to perform for the top spot was officia…