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MSU First To Solidify Medical Elective In Cuba For Students

MSU has officially announced a new agreement that will allow MSU medical students the chance to gain clinical experiences in Cuba.

Come April 2016, future physicians from the College of Human Medicine as well as the College of Osteopathic Medicine will get an in-depth look at the Cuban health care system, largely regarded to be among one of the best in the hemisphere.

Collaboration between MSU and Cuba isn't technically new as courses and experiences in Cuba have been offered for several years. However, this partnership is different in that MSU is the first collegiate institution to solidify medical elective in the Caribbean nation.

“This is a first, though, for American medical students to be able to walk the halls of three of Cuba’s main hospitals in Havana and receive credit for the experience,” said William Cunningham, assistant dean for the College of Osteopathic Medicine in West Michigan.

Read the official announcement here.

Student Post: From "Far Off" Place To Medical School

No one can better represent what it is like to be at the MSU College of Human Medicine (CHM) than our great students. From here on out, the CHM Office of Admissions will begin enlisting the help (and voices) of our students to periodically offer an inside look at what being in med school here is all about. Students at different levels and various backgrounds will touch on their experiences and ambitions. 

We are glad to have second-year student, Sheri VanOmen, kick us off. Here, Sheri introduces herself and recounts her experience going through the application process.  


As all medical students know, there was once a time when we thought of medical school as some far off, magical, smarty-pants place. Let me repeat: far off.

It didn’t seem real that I might one day be learning medicine from some of the best physicians. The admissions process was motivating, stressful, intimidating, and inspiring all at the same time. But as I now reflect back, it was beyond worth it, as lengthy and …

CHM Admissions Twitter Chat Set For Monday

Interested in applying to the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine (CHM)? Would you simply like to learn more about the nation's pioneer in teaching community-based medicine?

Are you following us on Twitter?

Even under normal circumstances, potential medical school applicants typically have lots of questions about the schools they're interested in applying to. We thought the time couldn't be better to facilitate a discussion about CHM, especially considering the college is undergoing a few changes around here (new curriculum, new premedical requirement models, new biomedical research facility, new community campus sites, etc.).

Join us for a good ol' Twitter chat.

The Twitter chat will be hosted by the CHM Office of Admissions on Monday, October 5th at 6pm (ET). Several students and admissions staff will be on hand to answer questions under the CHM Admissions twitter handle: @MSUMDadmissions.

What is a twitter chat/tweet chat?
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