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Student Post: Celebrating Women in Medicine Means Acknowledging Pioneers, Past Contributions

Did you know that September is Women in Medicine Month (#WIMmonth)?

As September nears its end, I asked myself whether I have truly appreciated the remarkable journey and accomplishments of women in medicine before me.

Despite passing by headshots of CHM graduates in the Secchia Center hallways on a daily basis, I had not stopped to think about their struggles and challenges as women and minorities in medicine. These women overcame unique obstacles and fought for equality so that a woman like me can be where we are today.

Women have come a long way and statistics show a growing number of women choosing careers in medicine. In celebration of Women in Medicine Month, I would like to highlight a few historical women who truly made a difference in and for medicine.

Elizabeth Blackwell, MD
It has been less than 200 years since the United States accepted its first female medical student into Geneva Medical College in New York. After graduating, Blackwell opened The New York Infirmary for…