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Third-Year Student Highlights First Half of Medical School Experience One Second At A Time

After being introduced by a friend to 1 Second Everyday, an app that allows users to create video diaries and visual stories by stitching together daily second-long snippets, third-year College of Human Medicine (CHM) student, Abhay Dhaliwal, was intrigued by the concept.

He was an undergrad at the University of Michigan when Dhaliwal decided to download the app and recorded seconds of his life through moments like graduation and, ultimately, the medical school admissions process.

It was then, as he was snapping videos in the months leading up to medical school, that he had an idea.

No one, to Dhaliwal's knowledge, had created a video journal solely of single second-long videos to share their medical school experience. After being accepted to CHM, Dhaliwal decided he would document his days as a med second at a time.

What started out as a simple way to journal this important time ended up becoming "way more than that," according to Dhaliwal.

Now two year…