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Five Ways Over Winter Break To Strenghten Your Profile for the Medical School Application

A student knows well that once you reach the Thanksgiving holiday, winter break is not too far behind. Many students find winter break to be a welcome respite from college life.

The winter break gives students time to relax—free time to unwind a bit should always be a priority. Whereas spring break is typically a week or two, winter break may be up to three or four weeks for many. So some students hoping to eventually apply to med school may wish to use this lengthy free time to strengthen their individual profile.

Especially when it comes to preparing for the med school application process, free time is important. Here are five things you can do during winter break to help your med school application:

Volunteer Abroad: Alternative Winter Break Schools across the country offer various programs that will allow you to serve at locations across the globe. Volunteering abroad can go a long way when it comes to one's individual growth and experience.

Independent organizations like Pr…