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Reflections From CHM Admissions While Looking Forward To A Brand New Year

It's the closing of a new year and we, here at the College of Human Medicine Office of Admissions, reflect on a terrific 2013.

Like any college, the students are the heart and soul of CHM and we feel we have some of the brightest, most talented future physicians in the nation. As we look forward to a new year, we're sure the incoming class of 2018 will follow suit.

Our #SpartanMD's achieved much this year, not only across East Lansing and Grand Rapids, but across the globe.

We're proud that the CHM student body took on so much this year in a variety of directions. Considering the many different roles (like teammate, employee, tutor or even mother, father, scholar, researcher, navy medic, and board member) each CHM student can play in their daily lives, staff and faculty have the opportunity to witness them take the role of student very seriously.

Yet, as a community-based medical school, we also have the opportunity to witness students contribute to their communities…

Health & Wellness Team Offer Fun, Relaxing Activities to Help CHM Students Unwind During Finals

Throughout medical school, students can spend much of their time studying—exerting a good amount of mental energy taking in gulps here and swigs there of information that, well, took humans quite a bit of time to accumulate.

Yet studying can be most rigorous when proficiency with school curriculum is to be displayed. So the most intense stressful times during medical school focus around final examinations. Sure, finals can be stressful. Asking themselves what they could do to help alleviate some of that stress, the MSU College of Human Medicine Office of Student Affairs set out to give our terrific medical students an opportunity to sit back and, yes, unwind if at least for a bit. It’s all part of helping our CHM students succeed, even if that’s helping them catch a breather and have a little fun in the process. The Health & Wellness Team, comprised of MSU Faculty: Judith Brady, PhD; Laura Bennett, MA; and Patricia Brewer, PhD, among other Office of Student Affairs staff, created a w…

Provost Approves to Grant In-State Tuition to Service Members and Their Families; CHM Participates In “Joining Forces”

The MSU College of Human Medicine (CHM) was among an impressive list of medical schools to participate in Joining Forces Wellness Week this year, bringing awareness to the unique health care needs facing our military members and their families.

Beginning on Veteran’s Day, the week-long initiative beginning on Nov. 11th saw over 100 medical schools across the entire country addressing those needs by holding various events such as clinics, seminars, and symposia to go along with a national webinar series—hosted by the Association of American Medical Colleges—focusing on a variety of military health-related topics.

At Michigan State University, CHM hosted a Joining Forces presentation by 1st Lt. Stephanie Boltrick on Nov. 12th called “Understanding Our Veteran Population: Unique Considerations for Health Professionals,” which was simultaneously being shown live to Grand Rapids’ Secchia Center contingent.

“Through Joining Forces, medical schools and teaching hospitals are ensuring that …

AMCAS Application for 2014 MSU CHM Enrollment Due Nov. 1st

If you can see the MSU College of Human Medicine as a possible home to pursue your MD degree come next fall, don't forget to submit your AMCAS® (American Medical College Application Service) application by Friday, November 1st.

AMCAS is a centralized application processing service provided by the Association of American Medical Colleges available to applicants to the first-year entering classes at participating U.S. medical schools.

Many of the US medical schools whom grant Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degrees utilize AMCAS as a primary application method, thus requiring AMCAS submissions.

As stated on the AMCAS website, "Regardless of the number of medical schools to which you apply, you submit just one online application to AMCAS." However, "AMCAS does not render any admission decisions and does not advise applicants where to apply."

An overview of the 2014 AMCAS application including important information on coursework and transcripts, letters of evaluation, …

Casting Clinic Provides CHM Students an Opportunity to Lend A Hand...Literally

The experience of being an MSU College of Human Medicine student is a challenging yet rewarding one. CHM students can have a lot on their plates journeying to become productive physicians who are respected across the state and country.
Naturally, there's much to learn at CHM and students regularly take advantage of opportunities to practice many of the procedures they'll be implementing one day as full-fledged Spartan MD's.
Clinics, lectures, exhibitions, demonstrations, and workshops are all great opportunities for students to get better insight into those procedures.

One such workshop was put on by the Family Medicine Interest Group last Tuesday evening. Students were invited to attend a special casting clinic to learn how to place an arm cast—something they may come to be very familiar with as family practitioners.

Experienced physicians from CHM and Sparrow Hospital were joined on the East Lansing campus by several Block I and II students at the Radiology Building …

Wear Your Black Tie. Bring Your Green Heart.

The area's most influential companies and individuals will be among doctors, alumni, donors, sponsors and friends alike when the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Black Tie/Green Heart Gala 2013 commences this Friday.
Yet perhaps playing the most pivotal role of the evening are the medical students, themselves. CHM's student-body naturally plays a major part in this special evening. Taking on host and hostess duties, students also wear the hat (or in this case, white coats) of ambassadors exemplifying the MSU College of Human Medicine mission.

As the signature annual fundraising event for the College of Human Medicine, the 2013 Black Tie/Green Heart Gala benefits local medical education and research. Since the first gala in 2008, the events have raised more than $1 million for student scholarships and research. The gala hosts over 1,000 guests and will be held in downtown Grand Rapids along the beautiful Grand River at DeVos Place.
Ultimately, this is a gre…

Important Dates to Remember

The admissions process is well underway here at the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Office of Admissions. Here are some important dates going forward that, if considering MSU as a home for your medical study, you may like to take note of:

October 15th, 2013:
Earliest Regular Acceptance Decisions

November 1st, 2013:
Regular and MD/PhD AMCAS Applications Due

November 30th, 2013:
Regular and MD/PhD Secondary Applications Due

East Lansing Interviews
October 18th
November 1st
November 22nd
January 17th
February 21st
April 11th (EA)

Grand Rapids Interviews
October 4th
October 25th
November 8th
November 21st (Thurs)
February 14th
February 28th

MCAT Release Dates
October 1st
October 8th
October 15th

Click here for more information on the MSU College of Human Medicine. For more information on admissions to the College of Human Medicine, please go to Here, you will find information about applying to the College of Human Medicine as well as how to become …