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McLaren Plan for New Hospital Expands Research, Educational Opportunities for Lansing MSU Medical Students

With the recent news of McLaren Health's plan to consolidate operations into a new hospital next to MSU, the move expands McLaren's relationship with the university and,
subsequently, the College of Human Medicine (CHM).

The plan for a new $450 million health care campus will allow both entities to work more closely together on research and increase educational opportunities for students among additional clinical services.

"This is an extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with MSU to redesign and elevate health care for a region and the state for generations to come. Our partnership will transform health care delivery to support a world-class medical experience and advance pioneering medical research," said McLaren CEO Phil Incarnati.

Norman Beauchamp, Dean of the College of Human Medicine, is also excited about the partnership's expansion and the college's opportunity to help transform health care. The college is proud to see that CHM medical students wi…

Shared Discovery Brings First-Year Students Into The Clinic, Marking A Milestone for CHM

One of the biggest takeaways of the new Shared Discovery Curriculum is that it quickly places students inside clinics to contribute to real patient care teams. By quickly, we mean the first year.

Within weeks, actually.

While this is only one facet of the new curriculum, rapidly immersing students in real clinical environments is a big departure from traditional models.

Medical schools have delivered their curriculum by way of a "2 + 2" structure for decades. The first two years are predominantly dedicated to learning basic and disease sciences (typically delivered through lectures and numerous exams) followed by two years dedicated to clinical experiences that use observational and apprenticeship methods for learning.

With the Shared Discovery Curriculum now in it's second year, each of the college's last two entering classes have joined third- and fourth-year students in the clinic, providing a more authentic trajectory of training focused on progressively increasi…