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CHM: 50 Years (And Beyond) of Innovative Thinking

Today marks the last day of 2014, officially closing out a very special year for the MSU College of Human Medicine (CHM)—our 50th Anniversary.

Green. White. Golden.

MSU College of Human Medicine 1964–2014 from MSU MD on Vimeo.

As national pioneers of community-based medicine, the trait that Dean Marsha Rappley feels is most commonly associated with the College is innovation. And through innovative thinking, our goal has always been to prepare future physicians to meet the ever-changing needs of the medically underserved.

A main way to do that is naturally through curriculum. With so many medical advancements in the last half-century, CHM has always understood that thoroughly preparing our students means being continuously self-aware in regards to updating the curriculum through time.

From emphasizing new angles on primary care and family practice to growing the concepts of problem-based learning, medical students have had the opportunity to get actively involved in consuming the scie…

It's All About Fit: A Holistic Approach To CHM Admissions

By Joel Maurer, MD, FACOG
Assistant Dean, Admissions
Michigan State University College of 
Human Medicine

Over the last five years, CHM Admissions has solidified its commitment to an admissions process that uses principles of holistic review (a balanced consideration of academic metrics, activities in preparation for a career in medicine, and personal characteristics consistent with the kind of physician we strive to train and graduate) in selecting each incoming class of medical students.

Historically, our College has long understood that intelligence is a key component in becoming a successful doctor, but it also appreciates that above and beyond a certain level of "smartness" does not necessarily make a better doctor.  While activities listed and discussed on a medical school application and during an interview process also remain a key component in the decision-making process, the evaluation of personal characteristics consistent with becoming a successful doctor has been m…