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So You've Been Put On The Waitlist: What's Next?

You've waited for a decision and word has finally arrived: you've been placed on the waitlist.

It's okay for applicants to feel some anxiety when placed as an alternate. That's normal. More uncertainty isn't something an applicant begs to endure. But don't necessarily take it as a bad omen either. More than disappointment, you should have hope. You still have a chance, after all.

Considering the sheer number of applicants across the country each year, the truth is that it's actually pretty common to be in this situation. Thousands of accepted students matriculate off the waitlist each year. With only 5-10% of students matriculating from the waitlist at some schools, others accept as high as 50-60% of their incoming class from waitlisted applicants.

The question then is, "What should I do now?"

Remain Positive
Waitlist does not mean rejection. While this isn't ideal, getting your name onto a waitlist is an accomplishment and shows you certain…