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GUEST POST: Medical School Not Exclusive to Students from Affluent Backgrounds

By Brian Ulrich, MA

With all of the ways that physicians are portrayed on television and movies these days, it can be easy to form a certain perception of what it means to be a doctor. Often, these portrayals have less to do with healthcare and more to do with an actor’s physical appearance, status, power, or on-screen charisma.

This image, however, is a mirage.

The point here is that it can be easy to mentally put ourselves in certain boxes based on messages that we receive or perceive from the world around us. While these boxes can be empowering for some, they are often very limiting for others. Literature within the field of student affairs calls this “meaning making”, or, put another way, the way we make sense of our individual identities based on the messages we receive from the world around us.

So, as a prospective student to medical school, what types of messages are you receiving from the world around you about pursuing medicine as a career? What kinds of inferences are y…

Early Decision Program Applications Due August 1st: Is EDP Right For You?

The MSU College of Human Medicine (CHM) is one of the many medical schools that prospective students can apply to via the Early Decision Program (EDP). Those looking to participate in EDP must submit their AMCAS application by Friday, August 1st.

Before applying through EDP, however, applicants need to decide whether this route to medical school is right for you. It's extremely important you fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of applying as an EDP candidate.

What is the Early Decision Program and how does it work?

Simply put, the Early Decision Program allows prospective medical students to apply early and be assured of a prompt response.

EDP applicants apply to one U.S. medical school with the full intention of attending if accepted. The school, in turn, agrees to notify an applicant of a decision by October 1st—much earlier than a regular admissions process, which can extend into the following spring.

People go the EDP route when they have a clear first-choice in m…