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Profile for the College of Human Medicine Entering Class of 2017

This week marks the first as official medical students for the college's entering class. With another great white coat ceremony in the books, the College of Human Medicine (CHM) Office of Admissions has released the class profile, closing the chapter on the 2016-2017 cycle.

Among other notable stats is the fact that the college officially surpassed 7,000 applications last year, steadily increasing from 6,488 and 6,819 over the last two years, respectively.

With an interview process that runs from September to March, the college met with close to 500 excellent applicants. From those 490 students, CHM is happy to welcome 191 matriculants this year to the nation's pioneer in community-based medicine.

Just over three-quarters are from the state of Michigan, allowing an uptick of out-of-state students. While out-of-state students typically make up about 20 percent of each class, it is not too abnormal to see non-Michiganders make up to a quarter of the class. 

Of the 24% that com…

Is My Application Already Late?: Details and Tips for Delayed Medical School Applications

As an applicant to medical school, you may have heard more than enough reasons to apply early in the admissions process. Applying early in the timeline has traditionally been and continues to be an important step in ensuring an applicant is as competitive as possible.

Ideally, students should be ready to apply to MD schools once the AMCAS opens for submission in early June.

But what if a student is unable to apply at that time? Does the timing of an application have as much of an impact since more and more schools have moved toward holistic admissions?

Deadlines for submission vary by institution but are typically towards the end of the fall with some schools allowing applications through November. So then what is considered late?

As with much of the admissions process, the answers to these questions depend on where you apply and why you haven't been able to submit.

In regards to the MSU College of Human Medicine (CHM), applying anytime through the month of August is best. Early …