Friday, June 17, 2016

Medical Partners in Public Health (MD-PH) Certificate Added to the Variety of CHM Special Programs

The MSU College of Human Medicine (CHM) hosts a number of special programs for students with a variety of ambitions. This fall, CHM will also give students the option to pursue a new certification.

The Medical Partners in Public Health Certificate is an option for College of Human Medicine students to gain clinical training in underserved community settings, with an emphasis on clinically relevant population level prevention and wellness.

Physician graduates of the MD-PH program will be able to apply public health principles as well as evidence and theory to better understand how to improve the health and well-being of their patients and the communities to which they belong.

This certificate complements the public health content in the CHM curriculum, enhancing the training with formal knowledge and skill in the core public health disciplines of epidemiology, biostatistics, health behavior and health education, public policy and administration and environmental health.

In addition to a formal blend of online, face-to-face, and community-based coursework, MD-PH students will also train through public health-focused community service and research. Experts in both public health and clinical medicine will train and advise program participants along the track.

Students who successfully finish the MD-PH certificate are eligible for credit towards a full MPH degree in MSU’s online program, should a continuation in public health training be desired.

 Please see our MD-PH page for more information and how to apply.

In addition to the MD-PH Certificate, CHM also offers three dual-degree options: the MD/PhD Program, the MD/MBA Program, and the full MD/MPH Program.

As the pioneer community-based medical school in the nation, the College of Human Medicine is embedded in communities across the state. Those pursuing public health disciplines at CHM have the benefit of community campuses and clinical sites serving an array of demographics.