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Early Assurance Offers Opportunity For Advance Admission Into CHM

Are you an undergraduate student seriously interested in going to medical school upon graduating?

Do you come from a disadvantaged background or have a strong interest in serving in a high-need medical specialty area?

If so, you may actually be able to gain acceptance to the MSU College of Human Medicine (CHM) before graduating with your undergraduate degree.

Early Assurance gives students the opportunity to apply to CHM in their junior year (or the year prior to completion of their undergraduate degree) at both public and private undergraduate institutions in the respective communities where the college already has partnerships in the medical training of third and fourth year students.

This ability to apply prior to the regular pool of candidates offers several benefits.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of utilizing Early Assurance is simply securing a spot at a top-notch medical school and one of the nation's pioneers of community-based medical education. The reality is that a…

MSU College of Human Medicine Embarks on 50th Anniversary

Green. White. Golden.

The Michigan State University College of Human Medicine (CHM) was founded in 1964, making this year the 50th anniversary for one of the nation’s pioneer community-based medical education institutions. With footprints that span the entire state of Michigan, the college is nationally recognized for the social mission of preparing physicians for service in underserved communities—a mission that has been in place since the start.

After early 1960's reports suggested an immediate need for additional medical schools in the state of Michigan, MSU Board of Trustees responded in 1961 by implementing a new two-year medical program foundationally supported by other related areas of the university, such as the Institute of Medicine & Biology in the provost's office.

The College of Human Medicine came into fruition after several grants further supported successful development of the program. The Board of Trustees soon named Andrew D. Hunt, MD, the first dean of the co…