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New MD/MBA Program Now Third Dual Degree Option at CHM

Several weeks ago, we posted about the two dual-degree programs offered at the MSU College of Human Medicine and the opportunities they can present for those pursuing either an MD/PhD or an MD/MPH.

Add another option to the mix. The College of Human Medicine Office of Admissions would like to introduce our third dual-degree option: the MD/MBA.

Increasing interest in MD/MBA dual degrees is encouraging universities across the globe to implement programs that train physicians and medical scholars in business. Advanced research and technology along with evolving healthcare laws and regulations have more and more physicians looking to acquire deeper managerial skills as well as a better understanding of the business of healthcare.

An MBA provides management training that enhances physicians' understanding of the larger impact the business of healthcare has on patient care. While trained physicians diagnose and treat human disease, they also run the hospitals, medical units, or other …