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All About The MMI: Tips on What To Expect and How To Prepare

Applicant interviews are underway across the country and medical schools are finally coming face-to-face with candidates for their incoming classes next fall. Each institution has their own characteristics to look for as well as their own strategies for evaluating applicants.

Here at MSU, we've utilized the Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI) format in our Interview Day since 2011. In fact, the MSU College of Human Medicine (CHM) was the first medical school in the state of Michigan to implement the method.

While this is a relatively new interview format in the United States, it has been used successfully for years throughout Canada and Australia.

Developed at McMaster University (Canada), more and more stateside schools are adopting the MMI each year, which has become increasingly popular beyond just medical schools. To understand why, it's important to know what the MMI is.

What is the MMI?
The MMI is a series of short (timed), highly structured "interviews" through whic…

College of Human Medicine Assistant Dean for Admissions To Host Workshop at Nation's Largest Pre-Health Conference

The largest pre-health conference in the country is just around the corner, with CHM's head of admissions scheduled to lead a workshop. The 12th Annual UC-Davis Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Professions National Conference will be held just 15 minutes outside of Sacramento on October 11-12.

The two-day event will cover health professional topics just as varied as the selection of keynote speakers, panels, and workshops. Our very own Joel Maurer, MD, FACOG, Assistant Dean for Admissions at the MSU College of Human Medicine, will be speaking at the conference for the fourth consecutive year.

"I always look forward to describing the mission of our college, as I believe there are certain components of it that should truly resonate with most people who attend. Since we typically matriculate 15-20% out-of-state applicants (much higher than most state-supported medical schools), I like to encourage them to at least look at us," says Maurer.

The AMCAS Personal Statement, What…