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Reflections From CHM Admissions While Looking Forward To A Brand New Year

It's the closing of a new year and we, here at the College of Human Medicine Office of Admissions, reflect on a terrific 2013.

Like any college, the students are the heart and soul of CHM and we feel we have some of the brightest, most talented future physicians in the nation. As we look forward to a new year, we're sure the incoming class of 2018 will follow suit.

Our #SpartanMD's achieved much this year, not only across East Lansing and Grand Rapids, but across the globe.

We're proud that the CHM student body took on so much this year in a variety of directions. Considering the many different roles (like teammate, employee, tutor or even mother, father, scholar, researcher, navy medic, and board member) each CHM student can play in their daily lives, staff and faculty have the opportunity to witness them take the role of student very seriously.

Yet, as a community-based medical school, we also have the opportunity to witness students contribute to their communities…

Health & Wellness Team Offer Fun, Relaxing Activities to Help CHM Students Unwind During Finals

Throughout medical school, students can spend much of their time studying—exerting a good amount of mental energy taking in gulps here and swigs there of information that, well, took humans quite a bit of time to accumulate.

Yet studying can be most rigorous when proficiency with school curriculum is to be displayed. So the most intense stressful times during medical school focus around final examinations. Sure, finals can be stressful. Asking themselves what they could do to help alleviate some of that stress, the MSU College of Human Medicine Office of Student Affairs set out to give our terrific medical students an opportunity to sit back and, yes, unwind if at least for a bit. It’s all part of helping our CHM students succeed, even if that’s helping them catch a breather and have a little fun in the process. The Health & Wellness Team, comprised of MSU Faculty: Judith Brady, PhD; Laura Bennett, MA; and Patricia Brewer, PhD, among other Office of Student Affairs staff, created a w…