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Choosing Where to Apply to Medical School Means Balancing Several Important Factors

With over 150 combined accredited MD- and DO-granting medical schools across the country, how
do you decide to which schools to apply?

The Association of American Medical College (AAMC) says that most students typically apply to about 16 schools. Applicants can apply to as many schools as they wish, but each student's situation is different and so you must decide how many schools is reasonable and, frankly, affordable for you.

Beyond the AMCAS, additional costs include secondary application fees as well as potential interview/travel expenses. For those eligible, the AAMC Fee Assistance Program is a good option to help alleviate a big chunk of those costs.

While it's certainly an investment in your future, the money and time you spend filling out secondary essays, interviewing, acquiring letters and other paperwork will be substantial.

Deciding which schools to apply to means doing a bit of research and streamlining your focus to identify which schools are worth the money and…