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Self-Assessment Guide: A Good Tool For Unsuccesful Applicants To Utilize

It is a fact, unfortunately, that over half of the nation's medical school applicants do not get accepted, meaning most students fail to matriculate into any of their medical school choices when they first apply.

More specifically, American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) statistics show that just under 42% of applicants in 2013 matriculated into medical school. The reality is there's a ton of great applicants for which schools simply don't have open seats.

At MSU in particular, we receive thousands of applications annually from students who have put in a great deal of time and effort to prepare their medical school applications. We understand how one can feel taxed after not receiving an acceptance.

If the MSU College of Human Medicine (CHM) was one of those choices that you were unsuccessful with and you have not been admitted to any of your additional choices, there are steps you can take to become a more competitive applicant should you intend to reapply to C…

5 Steps to Take In Preparation for the AMCAS Application

Let's face it. The medical school admissions process can be very competitive. Here at the MSU College of Human Medicine (CHM), for example, over 6,000 applications are received annually.

It is said often and truthfully that one of the keys to successful admission into medical school is applying early. Applicants should be ready at every stage of the process, which means preparing before the process even begins.

The American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) application is available in May and allows submissions in June. With the starting line for the next cycle right around the corner, now is the time when potential applicants are wondering how they can prepare in order to place themselves in the best position for when the AMCAS application opens.

Here are some tips of what you can be doing to prepare in the meantime.

Make A Plan
Or in other words, make a timeline if you haven't done so already. This means doing some digging for relevant dates and deadlines. Each m…