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Waiting On A Decision: Post-Interview Outcomes & Scenarios

The interview process for the incoming class is in full swing and applicants are now receiving word on their decisions. If you're out there interviewing, that's a good sign that your application is competitive. A strong showing in the interview can decide what you ultimately hear from the school.

Generally, there are three scenarios post-interview:


Congrats! Your path to becoming a med school student just got a bit clearer. But there are still some issues you must consider. For instance, if you are accepted at several institutions, a decision on where you'd like to attend is imminent.

Not many people get the luxury of receiving several acceptances so if you are certain of which school you'd like to attend, it's helpful and considerate to withdraw your application from the school(s) you choose not to attend. This way, they are clear about having that spot open for other candidates. Admissions offices appreciate it.

Some schools also allow applicants to defer…