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Student Post: Coming Back To Reality—A Time For Reflection

Transitioning back from winter break is never easy. I would even dare say it gets harder as the years of schooling accumulate. Coming back for my second semester of being an M2, there is a whole new level of fun that becomes increasingly real with each day: Step 1*.

Every M2 is enjoying the added stress that studying for "boards" brings, on top of the already-busy schedule of studying for domain exams and other classes. This is, of course, beyond other extracurricular activities we hope to incorporate, such as research, volunteering, exercise, and sleep.

But the thing is, we all find our own ways to accomplish what is important to us. And while some days may be rough, it’s crazy to think about how far we have already come in just a year and a half.

Despite the stress that comes from being in medical school, I have many fond memories at the CHM. There are so many opportunities to get involved, such as with student interest groups and electives.

I explored Emergency Medicine t…

Waitlisted Applicants May Submit Updates, Additional Materials

There are five main steps to get through the entire medical school application process. Upon submitting your secondary application to the MSU College of Human Medicine (CHM), the Assistant Dean for Admissions will review select factors and applicants will either be deemed unsuccessful, placed on hold, or invited to interview.

As part of the selection process, one of the outcomes from the committee on admissions after interviewing can be the waitlist. Schools may also refer to this as the alternate list. While it's not the ideal outcome you'd like to initially hear, there are steps you can take moving forward.

Last year, we wrote a post entitled, "So You've Been Placed on the Waitlist: What's Next?," that offers some good tidbits.

If you are placed on the alternate list, your file will remain under consideration for acceptance until we notify you of a change in your status. One of the actions you can take is to submit additional information or, in other words…