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Reapplying to Med School Means Changing Up Your Approach

While the current application cycle approaches its final stages, another begins with the next group of wide-eyed #medschool hopefuls, carrying more dreams of scrubs, stethoscopes and surgery rooms. Within the incoming wave of applicants, perhaps no one knows how competitive the medical school application process is more than unsuccessful applicants.

Less than 45% of 2013-14 applicants were accepted into medical school. So as the AMCAS application opens for submissions in less than a week (June 3), some of the more persistent applicants are preparing to go through the process for a second—even a third—time.

While having to reapply can surely be frustrating, consider this an opportunity to learn from your missteps and show your commitment to medicine. For those looking to reapply, improving your chances of matriculating may require you to simply reflect and react

If you applied to medical school and were not admitted, some personal time for self-assessment is a must. Hopeful…

4 Things To Consider When Finalizing Your Personal Statement

The AMCAS application for the cycle is now open and accepts official submissions in June. While we're sure a good number of applicants may have finished their personal statements already, there
may still be a few with some finalizing to do.

Some applicants may have written a few drafts yet are looking for ways to polish their statements. The personal statement, after all, is one of the most important portions of an applicant's review.

As MSU College of Human Medicine (CHM) admissions advisor, Brian Ulrich, points out, "The personal statement is where applicants can demonstrate the personal characteristics and attributes that are required in medical school. Many applicants will have great MCAT scores and a solid GPA. The statement helps set people apart."

We hope that by now you've written a draft or two. So if you're looking to tighten it up or round it out, here are some things to consider to ensure you'll have a solid personal statement.