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CHM Admissions Uses A Mission-Based Assessment Beyond Academics

As we've mentioned before, the reality of the medical school application process is that it is competitive. Tens of thousands of students across the country are vying for what amounts to only a few thousand spots. Sure, good grades and high scores are important to being a competitive applicant.

But that will only get you so far.

More and more schools such as the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine (CHM) are looking beyond one's academic profile. Truth is, every cycle is full of applicants with terrific scores and grades. What sets you apart?

While we strive for a class with GPA and MCAT scores approximating the national average of accepted students, the CHM admissions committee uses a mission-based assessment of applicants that strongly considers nonacademic variables. For this reason, the CHM Office of Admissions does not use specific GPA and MCAT cutoffs.

That isn't to say your numbers aren't important. They certainly are. Admissions teams need to k…