CHM Office of Admissions Launches Brand-New, Modern Website

The College of Human Medicine (CHM) Office of Admissions is extremely excited to announce the launch of our brand-new website! Designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation, the new website is naturally updated with the latest information about the college, our innovative Shared Discovery curriculum, the medical school admissions process, and more!

A new site for the admissions office was due--the prior version was launched in 2015. Even now, CHM is still one of the few medical schools in the country to host a site specifically for their admissions office. With so much available content, prospective applicants will find useful information across the entire site.

There's a lot of ground to cover. 

The goal for our newest iteration is to improve the structure of information so that it offers better overview and usability. We want this new website to provide visitors better access to our admissions process while also giving off a greater sense of our college's c…

CHM Student Wins 2019 Lansing's Got Talent Competition

A big congrats to College of Human Medicine (CHM) student and incredible singer, Enrique Rodriguez-Fhon, on winning the Lansing's Got Talent Competition this last spring!

Having heard about the competition on social media, Enrique first had to get through the preliminary rounds before advancing to the finals. The competition was held over the course of several weeks and featured extremely talented musicians from all ages and backgrounds. Solo acts, duos, and full bands all performed for packed crowds at Reno's North Sports Bar and Grill. In a show of strong support for their classmate, fellow CHM students were among those in the audience.

With that in mind, Enrique gave the prelims his best shot with renditions of "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd and "Somebody to Love" by Queen. To his pleasant surprise, Enrique placed first on his night--those among the top in preliminary rounds were invited to the finals. His invitation to perform for the top spot was officia…

Early Assurance Program Expands to Three Southeast Michigan Universities: Students Now Eligible for Statewide Pipeline to CHM

Michigan State University College of Human Medicine has announced an agreement with three Southeast Michigan universities that will provide an enhanced opportunity for the institutions’ premedical students to attend medical school at MSU.

MSU’s Southeast Michigan community campus at Ascension Providence Hospital hosted Dean Norman J. Beauchamp Jr., MD, MHS to sign Early Assurance Program (EAP) agreements with Virinder K. Moudgil, PhD, president and CEO of Lawrence Technological University; Katherine Snyder, PhD, dean, College of Engineering, University of Detroit Mercy; and Mitchel A. Sollenberger, PhD, associate provost for undergraduate programs and integrative learning at University of Michigan-Dearborn.

“Michigan State is committed to bringing well-qualified premedical students from Michigan’s higher education institutions to the College of Human Medicine,” Beauchamp said. “As a community-based medical school with seven campuses statewide, EAP is part of our long-term vision fo…

Second-Year Students Team Up To Bring 'Black Men In White Coats' to the College of Human Medicine

“I wish every child had the opportunity to be cared for by a black male doctor. They would come to trust and respect this person and, early in life, develop a personal and positive relationship with a black man. Maybe then more people would understand that individuals who look like me, no matter what they’re wearing, are likely to be sincere, intelligent, and loving.” -Dr. Dale Okorodudu
Black Men in White Coats™ is a national organization founded by Dr. Dale Okorodudu during his residency at Duke University to inspire more of these individuals to consider medicine as an occupation, ultimately helping to address the shortage of black men in the field of medicine. The organization was created in response to the astounding decline in black male applicants to medical school as reported by the Association of American Medical Colleges in their 2015 report, Altering the Course: Black Males in Medicine.  In the 36 years between 1978 and 2014 the numbers of both black male applicants to medica…

LISTEN: Assistant Dean for Admissions Gives "All Access" to CHM as Guest on Med School Admissions Podcast

Dr. Joel Maurer, Assistant Dean for Admissions at the College of Human Medicine, was recently invited to discuss med school admissions and the college, at large, on  "All Access: Med School Admissions," hosted by Christian Essman. Beyond leading the podcast, Mr. Essmen is the Senior Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio.

Described as "a new podcast for the pre-med community," listeners get direct insight from the most authoritative sources and admissions experts.The platform's various episodes place med school representatives from a number of institutions behind the mic to showcase their school. Highlighting each school's offerings and what makes these programs unique, listeners can form a better understanding of what schools are looking for as prospective students.

In the third episode, Dr. Maurer takes the spotlight to speak at length--not kidding--about Michigan State University …

Class of 2019 Set To Graduate, Join Residency Programs Across US After Strong Spring Match

The College of Human Medicine is geared up to graduate another stellar crop of physicians at this weekend's commencement ceremony. As has been a consistent case in previous years, College of Human Medicine graduates are moving on to strong residency positions across the United States.

The 2019 Main Residency Match was the largest in National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) history, exceeding last year's record total. A new record-high of 38,376 applicants submitted match choices for 35,185 positions, the most ever offered in the Match.

See NRMP "Match By The Numbers" comparing key data from 2018

As for #SpartanMD students, 95 percent of the College of Human Medicine seniors seeking a residency position have a confirmed placement. At CHM, 183 seniors had residency placements confirmed through the NRMP, SOAP/Post Match, and Military Match and advanced/independent matches.

While one of the college's primary focus is on enhancing medical care for communities in Michi…

CASPer Scores To Be Utilized In Determining Interview Invitations; Testing Dates Released

Last month, we announced that the College of Human Medicine Office of Admissions will be requiring the CASPer test as part of its admissions requirements beginning in the upcoming 2019-2020 application cycle.

The first set of testing dates through June have now officially been announced! But beyond the testing dates, there are many things to know about CASPer and you can read our announcement to learn more about the online assessment tool, including information on the format, cost, and rating system.

Along with that initial information, it's also important to note that each school who uses the CASPer test may utilize those scores in their own individual way and at different points of the process. This brings us to why and how the College of Human Medicine decided to adopt the CASper.
So...Why CASPer? As we've mentioned before (here, here, and here), the trend in medical school admissions has been to take a more holistic approach in admitting what are to become well-round…