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College of Human Medicine Expanding Clinical Training Footprint with New Community Campus in Southeast Michigan

The MSU College of Human Medicine (CHM) has officially announced a pact making the Detroit-metro area the site of an additional community campus.

The college and Providence-Providence Park Hospital (PPPH) have come to an agreement that will give sixty third- and fourth-year medical students the opportunity to receive clinical training in Southfield, MI. While the new addition will be CHM's seventh clinical community campus, this will be the college's first partnership in Southeast Michigan.

Both parties agree that the partnership is a great fit with CHM's mission of providing a community-based approach to health care. Dr. Robert Flora, Providence's Director of Medical Education, says he's been impressed with CHM's "drive to help people with less access" to a good standard of health care.

“This partnership with Providence-Providence Park Hospital is the result of shared goals to educate medical students within a health care system that values quali…

Dual-Degree Options at CHM Offer Plenty Diverse, Rich Opportunities

The MSU College of Human Medicine (CHM) offers a number of special programs that are available to students with a wide range of interests. Within those programs, our dual degree options are an important part of our identity, as we work to enhance our student's abilities in the fields of both research and health policy.

There are two dual-degree options for applicants to consider—MD/PhD and MD/MPH.

The Director of the US National Institutes of Health and former head of the Human Genome Project, Francis S. Collins, is a physician-geneticist who recently published a piece titled, "Why the World Needs More Scientists." It's a good read.

Collins says he's "convinced that rigorous, well-designed research is essential not only for the discovery of new ways to detect, treat, and prevent disease, but also for the most efficient development and cost-effective dissemination of such advances to the world's poorest peoples."

He adds, "The remar…