Spartan MD Students Graduating to Residency Positions Across the Map Following Spring Match Process

Graduation for the College of Human Medicine Class of 2018 is this weekend as we prepare to give our best wishes to the next crop of Spartan MD's.

Including students who participated in the National Residency Match Program (NRMP), students who participated in the Advanced Match, and students who participated in the Military Match, 96 percent of those seeking residency secured a match this past March.

A total 37,103 applicants entered the match for 33,167 positions, the most ever offered in the Match. Both of those figures are record-highs that made the 2018 Main Residency Match the largest match on record, according to the NRMP.

The College of Human Medicine (CHM) contributed 163 students to that total. From those who matched, 42.5 percent are entering a primary care residency, the exact same percentage from a year ago for the Class of 2017.

While the percentage is the same, there were particular changes to the top six specialties:

1. Internal Medicine (23 graduates)
2. Pediatrics (22 graduates)
3. Family Medicine (19 graduates)
4. Emergency Medicine (16 graduates)
5. Obstetrics-Gynecology (15 graduates)
6. Psychiatry (13 graduates)

Radiology, anesthesiology, general surgery, orthopaedic surgery, neurology, dermatology, and opthalmology were just some of the specialties that were also represented.

A bright March Match Day offered results that were the culmination of many bright days at CHM. Entering into their fourth year at the college, students began applying to and interviewing for residency programs across the nation last fall. Upon establishing their rankings, the residency programs in turn also submitted their preferred candidates as well.

The NRMP compiled those preferences and entered them into the matching system, an algorithm determining the results printed within those special envelopes. Once the clock struck noon on Match Day,  students and their families were given the news they naturally were eager to learn.

The results are life-changing. CHM graduates annually move on to some of the most competitive residency programs in the country.

Of the class, 43 percent will remain in Michigan for their residency training, providing ambitious physicians to each section of the state, urban as well as rural.

A cool tidbit: Almost 300 medical students have now graduated from the Upper Peninsula Community Campus to help provide physicians with the clinical skills needed to meet the needs of rural Michigan.

As a community-based medical school, the college is uniquely positioned to provide students with comprehensive training in clinical settings that most closely parallel the environment in which many physicians typically practice.

Outside state lines, the Midwest is well represented with Spartans gaining residencies in many of the closer hubs like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Madison, and more.

CHM graduates will also head out from coast to coast, region to region. Twenty-four different states and the nation's capital will be the next home for our next band of graduates.

But no matter where they go, we know Spartan MD's will be greatly represented.


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