College of Human Medicine Admissions Reps Heading Out for Road Trip Across Southern California

We're hitting the road!

That is, after a flight.

Admissions representatives from the College of Human Medicine (CHM) will be taking a road trip across Southern California this month to represent the college and further discuss the admissions process with interested undergrads.

To do that, representatives will be making stops at campuses in the greater Los Angeles-area as well as San Diego to attend several health career fairs and host a number of informationals.

"We want be able to connect with the pre-medical students in the state. We received  over 1200 applications from California in the 2017 application cycle, so I believe it is essential to reach out to prospective applicants there and provide them information about CHM and, in particular, our mission," states Elizabeth Lyons, admissions counselor and Director of Minority Recruiting.

Residents from California have consistently made up a big chunk of applicants to the College of Human Medicine, second behind only Michigan students. The admissions staff feels it's important to reach out to potential applicants from the Golden State so that those students have a better understanding of what the college has to offer while also giving tips on what makes a competitive applicant.

"Fit is very important and I think this trip is going to give us the opportunity to talk to prospective applicants about that fit with our mission at the various events we have attend."

Lyons adds that, "If applicants are truly interested in applying to the college, they will find our discussions very informative and, in turn, it will help them prepare an application that truly stands out to us at CHM.

To start the road trip, admissions staff will be attending the first of three fairs on the schedule. Reps will be in the Westwood area of Los Angeles at UCLA for the Spring 2017 Health School Information Fair on Monday, April 17th. Later in the week, they'll head east for The Claremont Colleges' Health & Science Professions Fair at Pomona College on Friday, April 21st.

The trip takes them south to wrap up the fairs at San Diego State University for the Catch The Wave To Success Pre-Professional Health Conference Graduate School Fair on Saturday, April 22nd.

In addition to those three fairs, the College of Human Medicine will also be hosting a few informationals across area campuses. Students from the University of Southern California (USC) can meet with admissions reps at the main campus that Tuesday, April 18th.

On Thursday, April 20th, those interested at the Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science will also be able to learn about the college and meet with admissions staff.

Beyond those events, Lyons points out that they'll also be meeting with some SoCal residents who already know a thing or two about the college.

"Along with meeting prospective students, we'll also be reconnecting with some of our CHM alumni and hosting for the very first time a meet and greet for our accepted applicants in the area," she says.

"I’m very excited to see and hear about all the new and exciting experiences our alumni have been a part of in California. We also look forward to meeting our accepted applicants again and answering any questions they may have about the MSU CHM to help them make that final decision."

At the moment, the college's admissions office is working on scheduling possible additional events. Stay tuned.

For residents and students in Northern California, not to worry. Moving ahead, CHM admissions is also working on making stops across the area come the fall and are schedule to attend the UC-Davis Pre-Health Conference in October. More information and a schedule will be forthcoming at a later date.

For this trip, the following is a full* detailed schedule:

Monday, April 17th
Spring 2017 Health School Information Fair at UCLA
Ackerman Ballroom
11am - 3pm

Southern California Alumni/Accepted Applicant Meet & Greet (Invite Only)
Santa Monica

Tuesday, April 18th
Informational at University of Southern California
Hedco Neuroscience Building Room 100
12pm - 2pm

Thursday, April 19th
Informational at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science
Keck Auditorium
12pm - 1pm

Friday, April 20th 
The Claremont Colleges Health & Science Professions Fair at Pomona College
Smith Campus Center
Edmunds Ballroom
11am - 2pm

Saturday, April 21st
Catch The Wave Pre-Professional Health Conference Graduate School Fair
San Diego State University
Union Courtyard
2pm- 4:30pm

*Schedule subject to change and additional events may be added.


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